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Our Story

We have been mining natural organic minerals in Winnemucca, Nevada since 1965 as an animal supplement under the name of Nutritional Additives.  We have been feeding dairy cows, beef cattle, hogs and sheep.

We have been selling the same minerals under the Mezotrace name for human consumption since 1983.

In June of 2004 we were talked into making horse pellets. A friend of ours fed our Mezotrace mineral to her 31 year old mare. She said "She acts like a teenager, I can ride her all day.  You need to make it easier to feed."  So here is our story.

We worked up a pellet formula that contains 40% Mezotrace minerals that the horse can assimilate. Some vitamins, molasses and grains were added. Next we decided to hand out free sample pails, about a week supply. Well that did the trick. Mezotrace is overwhelmed with the results and testimonials that we receive.

We visited feed stores and became venders at horse shows and rodeos. Now after six months our sign reads "Dull Coats, Hoof Problems, Straight Legged Foals. Try Mezotrace Equine pellets. Maybe we can help!"

You can't believe the amount of horse people that read our sign, stop and tell us they have problem horses. They have tried everything and nothing works, half the time the horse will pick around the other supplements. Now we hand out a free sample pail along with a sample packet of our pills for human consumption. It takes them by surprise. They ask, "Are these for me?" This is our 23rd year in the health industry. Mezotrace helps leg cramps, arthritis, nail and hair growth and makes people regular.

It is a complete carbonate mineral with trace elements that your body can assimilate, the reason it works on humans and horses. Recently we were certified as an organic mineral. Our magnesium carbonate breaks our calcium carbonate down.

Since doing the shows, Farriers, Stables, and Feed stores started handling our horse pellets. Mezotrace sells four Vitaquine varieties: regular, biotin added, extra selenium and added biotin with extra selenium. Your horse sells our product for us.

Our product is reasonably priced (about 25 cents per day). Horses love it and it is easy to feed.

The sample pail shows you that your horse will eat it. The 50 lb. bag, a 100 day supply for one animal, wins you over.

And the best part is that Mezotrace/Vitaquine will be around for a long time!

- Dave Sexton, Owner-Operator