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There are four different products to choose from
  • Regular with no additives
  • Added Biotin 44ppm
  • Extra Selenium 30ppm
  • Custom S&B (Selenium 30ppm and Biotin 44ppm)
available in 50 lb. Bags or 15 lb. Buckets.

Crude Protein Maximum 5.00%
Phosphorus Minimum .35%
Calcium Maximum 9.00%
Calcium Minimum 7.00%
Magnesium Minimum 3.5%
Salt Maximum 1.00%
Salt Minimum .50%
Iron Minimum 4 PPM
Zinc Minimum 4 PPM
Manganese Minimum 4 PPM
Selenium Minimum 1 PPM
Vitamin A Supplement Minimum 40,000 IU / lb
Vitamin D Supplement Minimum 9,000 IU / lb
Vitamin E Supplement Minimum 55 IU / lb

Ingredients: Calcium/Magnesium Carbonate, Ground Barley, Wheat Bran, Cane Molasses, Beet Molasses, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Sodium Selenite, Vitamin A Supplement, Vitamin D Supplement, Vitamin E Supplement

Additionally, VITAQUINE Mineral Supplement contains the following  Elements as associated in their 100% natural varying combinations of:
Bismuth, Boron, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper,  Flourine, Gallium, Germanium, Gold, Hydrogen, Iodine, Lithium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Nitrogen, Potassium, Silver, Strontium, Sulfur, Tin, Vanadium, Zirconium

Feeding Instructions:
The intended feeding rate is 1 scoop (2.66 oz) for weanlings, 2 scoops (5.33 oz) for yearlings and 3 scoops (8 oz) for mature horse per day. One scoop per 350 lb. body weight. Other natural feed stuffs and clean water is essential.