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June 2009

Our horse boarding and training facility has, at any time, many different breeds of horses, some requiring different diets and supplements. One supplement that I can personally recommend to the horse owners of any of these breeds is VITAQUINE. We have been using this for several years, after initially being encouraged to try it by Jerry at Ace Hardware, our local feedstore in Inyokern, CA.

Over the years, we have used different types of supplements for conditioning with varying results. However, after using the VITAQUINE with Biotin, we noticed that in quite a short period of time the horses general condition and their manes and tails were improving. Additionally, their hooves were in better condition as well. The fact that the horses enjoy the VITAQUINE is an added bonus.

Over the last year or so, I have recommended using VITAQUINE with Biotin to the owners of quite a few of the horses we have had in training and I know for a fact that these horses are still continuing with the VITAQUINE, even though they have finished their training with us. I have even taken 10 bags of it to Northern California for a client when we visited there.

If anyone wants to see the results of this product, I would be pleased to show them the condition of our horses so they can see the results for themselves.

Joyce Saint Ryan
Inyokern, CA

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May 2007

I just have to tell you that I swear by your product!! I recently had a CT scan of my lower back after several years of back pain and they said I have "degenerative changes in my lumbar spine consistent with arthritis". I have been doing physical therapy and was feeling a lot of relief from it. I was still waking up very sore and stiff and unable to sleep in my favorite position, my stomach. I was told of your product by a friend for my horses so I went to the local feed store to purchase some for them. Well, I didn't get out of there without purchasing some for myself too. I took two the first day in addition to the chewable sample I had at the feed store. I slept very good the first night and the relief the first morning was unbelievable!! I have not been able to sleep on my stomach for several years because I would wake up in so much pain and be unable to fall back to sleep. I even went out and bought a very expensive "Sleep Number" bed because that was supposed to help, and spent a bunch of money going to the chiropractor with no relief after 10-15 visits.

I provide child care for a friend of mine who is pregnant with her second child and has been very sore in her shoulders and hips, and not sleeping well. She is a massage therapist. I gave her a sample that was attached to a brochure, she went home took two and called me the next morning in disbelief! She felt so much better that she had to know where I got it because she was on her way to pick up her own bottle! I found a dealer closer to her and she was on her way.

I take one when I wake up in the morning and generally two in the early evening, if I am really feeling run down in the afternoon I take another one. It has only been 1 1/2 weeks since I bought my first bottle of Mezotrace (regular formula) but I am definitely a believer.

All six of our horses have been on the regular equine formula for the week and half also and two of them have already had to have their feed reduced!! My children are raising fryer chickens for a state wide contest and have (under the advice of the Mezotrace dealer) been crushing up the equine formula and sprinkling it over the fryer ration. They have only lost one chicken out of the 60 of the day old birds they received (which I believe wouldn't have happened but they got too hot!). The birds are active, healthy, have straight legs and toes and are gaining so much weight (and on an all natural diet--no medicated feed fed at this house!!). At 12 days old they average 11 1/2 ounces apiece.

I feel as though I have written a book and I also have to say I have never in my life been so pleased with a product that I felt the need to tell them about it. Thanks also goes to the dealer, Elaine, from Elaine's Feed and Tack in Scappoose, OR. She and her husband talked to me about your product long after closing time!!

Thank you,
Alexa Cook
Rainer, OR

Alexa Cook
Rainer, OR

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March 2007

In 2005 my up and coming 6yr old barrel mare was lame. The navicular bone in her right front foot was fractured. For six months she wore a shoe with a 3” heel, standing her weight on her toe. New x-rays showed no appreciable healing in the fracture and she remained 50% lame. Over the course of the next three shoeings we brought her foot back to a normal angle.

During this time I chose to breed her, knowing she could never be ridden. Then months after her injury and into her fourth month of pregnancy, she aggravated the fracture and I found her three legged lame again. She had sores on her face and shoulders from lying down due to the discomfort of even standing. My only thought was to get her through foaling/weaning and then I would have her put down.

I had been feeding Vitaquine for about a month when the re-injury occurred. By the third month on Vitaquine I noticed my mare moving about her corral. Though still noticeably lame, I was happy just to see her up and freely moving. After seven months on Vitaquine she is now walking, trotting and even playing like a colt with no sign of lameness. I am convinced Vitaquine is the reason for her soundness. I used no other supplements or medication. She was fed a grass/alfalfa mix with the rice bran, oats and Vitaquine as her grain. She is now due in two weeks. After the foal is weaned I feel certain she will be able to be ridden. I doubt I’ll chance barrel racing again, but she will certainly be used as a pleasure/trail horse. A very happy ending to an otherwise dismal story.

I feed Vitaquine to all of my personal horses. I also feed it to the horses that board at my facility, including it in the board fee. I believe that on this earth God put the cure to every illness. In my opinion “Vitaquine was the cure” for my mare’s fractured navicular.

Jill Chatfield
Winnemucca, NV

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November 2006

Dear Mezotrace,
I just wanted to drop a quick note of thanks. Your supplements did wonders for my horse, Java. He did a complete 100% turn around in one month, thanks to Mezotrace. His hair and coat looked ratty, I couldn’t keep him healthy, he was skinny and just not himself. Another big thanks to Linda Walker, who came to stay at my house and gave me a free sample. I commented on how well their horses looked (especially compared to mine). I thought she had a secret but now I know the answer…Mezotrace.

I did the blood work about 2 weeks before I started Mezotrace in August, 2006. I pulled Java off all his expensive supplements and took a leap of faith with Mezotrace. I did another blood work in October. The results speak volumes. He has never looked better or felt better. I am very excited about the Columbia River Circuit Finals coming up in a couple of weeks. I can’t thank you enough.

Rose Miller and Java
Moses Lake, WA

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October 2006

I love your product. I started my 9 year old gelding on it 2 years ago, 8 months after I got him. I had problems keeping weight on him. If I could get him to gain 50 pounds in 3 weeks he’d lose it if I had a rodeo or if I rode him for practice. He also had problems at the rodeos getting into the arena. He would do anything and everything possible not to go into the arena.

Once I started him on Mezotrace he started putting weight on and actually kept it on. I could go on long endurance training rides with my aunt and he would do GREAT. At the rodeos after hard work and using Mezotrace, he started walking into the arena like it was no big deal.

Mezotrace helped his overall health. It’s made his coat shiner and made his mane grow longer. Mezotrace, I think, has made Flash the horse he is today because with out it he would probably be sick right now. Thank you so much for an amazing product!

Tia Tomburello and Flash
Reno, NV

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August 2006

My name is Holly. Harold at Oregon Trail Feed in Baker City, OR recently (2 weeks ago) recommended your Vitaquine mix to me for my draft horse in relation to his feet. In two weeks the changes in hooves, coat, mane, tail and flies is rather dramatic in both Will and my quarter mare Bonnie. Harold came out Sunday and he too could see the improvements.

Will was able to stand like a good boy for my farrier on Saturday without Bute. At 2200 lbs, this is a good thing, he obviously feels better as well as the other benefits received.
Thank you!


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March 2006

We had gotten an older mare (17-20 years) which was a salvage mare and she had been mistreated and starved. We got her from a very thoughtful girl who gets these salvage animals and nurses them back to health, then she finds a home for them. We gave Emma a home and she was so poor and skinny when we got her that it made us sad to know she had been abused. The girl we got her from thought she had probably gained 40 pounds. We had about ¼ bucket of powdered Mezotrace which we started feeding to Emma. She was a challenge but we are happy to say that she has gained quite a bit in the month we have had her and she runs across the field like a colt instead of the slow, unsteady gait she had when we brought her home.

We have had excellent results with the foundering and Mezotrace. About 15 years ago I wrote a testimonial about a little mare we had with founder and the great results we got with Mezotrace. It was published in your materials and we were so pleased to know other people could learn more about Mezotrace.

Not only is this a great product for animals but humans also. Many years ago we were given a bottle of Mezotrace to take and we were to monitor any changes we found – good and bad – and write a report for the Mezotrace Company. I had had bursitis for 6 months and could not sleep much. When I got the Mezotrace, I took 3 tablets that first night. In about 20 minutes, I noticed a warm, calming feeling which just washed over me. I slept all night for the first time in the 6 months and I then had steady improvement and restful sleep each night. I know this is hard to believe but it happened to me, personally. I am a firm believer in Mezotrace.
Thank you,

Hulda Sommer
Talent, OR

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May 2005

I use Mezotrace for my horses and they love it. One of my pregnant mares became so stiff during the last 6 weeks of her pregnancy that she had a difficult time walking and getting up when she was laying down. Two weeks on Mezotrace and she was back to normal movement.

Great Stuff!!

Debbie Caldwell
Meridian, ID

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April 2005

Dear Dave and Mezotrace-

I would like to thank you for the wonderful minerals supplements for horses. I raise quarter horses. In the past I have had some foals born with crooked legs. In the winter for 2004 I got some of your horse minerals. I fed it to my brood mares. When they foaled, the foals were straight legged. I fed Mezotrace to the mares until the foals were weaned. The mares were in better shape than any mares I have ever had.

I started feeding Mezotrace to all my horses. I feel they are doing better and they have great hair and coats and their feet are not breaking up like they have in the past. The best thing about Mezotrace is that they like it and I have not had any foals born with crooked legs. It is the best minerals I have ever fed.

Gerald and Mary Wright, Ferriers
Yerington, NV

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February 2005

I started feeding Equine Special formula with Biotin about two months ago to our five horses.

I have a 24 year-old mare that has arthritis in her right front leg and right rear hip. She has been limping on her front leg for about a year. She also foundered several years ago, which is an on going problem. We keep her weight down but can't seem to get her right front hoof squared away. It still has some separation and sponginess.

Within three weeks of starting her on the pellets she was no longer limping on her leg and moving much more freely on her hind leg.

Two weeks ago our farrier came for our regular eight week trim. He noticed a marked difference in the growth and strength of the hoof wall of her foundered foot.

All of our horses have shown improvement in different ways, longer manes, softer hair, but the difference and growth of their hooves is remarkable.

Thanks for a great product and being so efficient and helpful.

Diane Reay
Coleville, CA

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February 2005

I started using Mezotrace on September 14, 2004 on 6 horses and 5 donkeys. One of my donkeys had knots on all 4 feet and was in very bad condition overall. My horse shoer and I came to the conclusion that she had got Pigeon Fever sometime back and that it was now causing problems in her feet. Since I have all of them on Mezotrace - the donkey's feet have improved immensely, the knots are going away and her coat has improved. She's put weight on and she alone is doing wonderful.

One of my quarter horses had a spot of hair missing on him for years caused from using a short saddle blanket. The hair wouldn't come back in to that spot. The Mezotrace has worked for him as well. He now has that spot full of hair.

All the other's have coats that shine and feel healthy to touch and grooming is great.

I also use Mezotrace for myself. I have a hard time with my knees. I had X-rays done and found out I have water of both knee caps. When I don't take the Mezotrace, I really notice a difference. It works for me!! I have noticed a big difference in my energy.

I also give it to my 3 dogs whose coats shine and are very soft. My older dog Molly does real well with Mezotrace Pet Formula as well as May and Miss Lily, the youngster.

I have 14 cats, they just keep showing up at my place. Of course, they all get spayed-neutered real quick but I put them all on the pet formula as well. What a difference in their coats -- all of my animals are kept outdoors in dog houses or a big fenced-in cat run and 8X12 shed, so the coyotes don't get them or they don't get run over on the road.

I recommend Mezotrace to everyone who's willing to try something new and give it a chance to do its thing. IT WORKS!!! Thank you, Mezotrace, for such a fine product. I love talking to you all whenever I want some more information or more product to purchase and also a big thank you to Jupiter Fulk at Nevada Hay Delivery in Fallon, Nevada, who now also sells it. Also a big thank you to Fernley Hay & Grain who sells the human Mezotrace and horse pellets too. Last, but not least, thank you for filling my orders for pet formula whenever I need more product. With all the animals I have, Mezotrace is priced right - works - and the results of the mineral supplement are very evident.

Suki Lindstrom
Silver Springs, NV

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February 2005

I had this one horse. He was an old horse and he could hardly walk anymore. We were about done with him because he was so stiff and sore he could just hardly get around anymore. I didn't know what to do for him.

Then Lakeside Nutrition sent me a free sample of the Mezotrace minerals in pellet form. I decided I am going to feed this horse these minerals and we did and .... guess what? He completely snapped out of it in about 30 days time. We were driving that horse on the road again. He was just a totally different horse again.

So....., all I can say is Mezotrace is great product!

John F. Esh
Peach Bottom, PA

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January 2005

I cannot say enough about Mezotrace mineral supplement for horses. I have a 30 year old quarter horse that I have been giving this supplement to for 6 months and on some days he can run all the way to the manger, and has stopped dragging his feet. My other horse is 22 and is bucking and kicking and having a great time just feeling good (not while I am on him!). My two young mules are also on the supplement and their disposition and performance has really improved. I don’t believe in bute for horses as what it does to their other organs. This mineral supplement is all natural and the result is just amazing. Try it for a month and you will be hooked, it really does work!! This is the best thing I have ever done for the health of my horses and mules.

Ginger Gabiola
Winnemucca, NV

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January 2005

Some years ago, I bought a case of Mezotrace from you, just thinking that it would be a good addition to the suite of supplements I take. Arthritis runs in my family, and I began to have noticeable symptoms perhaps a year-and-a-half-ago. I had not been taking my Mezotrace regularly. iI noticed that when I did take it, the symptoms subsided but figured that owed to other anti-arthritis supplements (mainly GeroVita's Arthro-X and MSM). Recently the pain intensified and I went back to Mezotrace. In two days the symptoms have subsided dramatically. Who says A must say B. There is no question that in my case at least, Mezotrace is an effective counter to arthritis pain and more accurately to the arthritis itself.

I have never written to a company of any sort with an endorsement of a product, but in this case my experience more than warrants a piece of fan mail. I was worried that you were a fringe company and might be out of business. Obviously not, and obviously for good reason.

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December 2004

It’s been three weeks now since we began feeding the Equine Pellets to our six horses, ages 2-20. Last week, we saw a definite ‘bloom’ and noticed that they were indeed leaving some of their regular hay ration (eating less). Quite interesting, since all six have been accused of being ‘piggy horses’ in the past. They run together on 7 acres with access to shelter among the trees or in the cover of the barn. All were in good flesh and decent shape prior to our introducing your pellets.

When we offered the first taste, our Tazzie forgot that she had always been lowest in the herd hierarchy. She pushed and shoved her way to the top and demanded more. She has never offered to fight for any feed before. We don’t feed grain unless a horse is working, but all six come running to their individual feed pans for their daily ration of Mezotrace Equine Pellets. Tazzie is 20 and lately has been acting like a youngster – kicking her heals and such.

After three weeks, we see new hair growth at the mane and soft, dense, shiny coats on each horse. Tazzie has had a flaky dandruff under her heavy mane for the entire 10 years I’ve owned her. I’ve tried several remedies without much luck, and now it has vanished. Needless to say, we’re very impressed and delighted with the results so far. We’ll definitely keep using the pellets and keep you posted on our progress. Thank you for providing such an effective mineral at such a reasonable price.

Tom and Charlene Spint
La Pine, OR

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November 2004

Dear Dave and Everyone at Mezotrace Corporation,

First I would like to thank you all for being so very efficient, helpful and informative. I have really enjoyed all our conversations about your Mezotrace Product and its history. Next, I would like to thank you for making the equine formula in pellet form, it is a really great addition to the Mezotrace products.

I first started using Mezotrace myself when I strained my back. I suffered a great deal of pain with movement, sitting, or driving. There was no helping medically, it was a strain that kept getting re-strained, this went on for over a year which continually got worse. My friend suggested I try Mezotrace, after about 45 days all of my back problems just seemed to be gone. I have been taking your product now for about 12 years and believe my overall good health is because of Mezotrace.

I used the Equine Powder formula for my 30-year old retired mare who suffered from arthritis and general old age. After having Mezotrace for about a week she looked and felt much better, occasionally romping around like a young colt.

This year my 12 year old gelding "Pacer" strained a tendon in his leg so I have relied on Mezotrace. His tendon has improved, his color, coat, hooves and weight also improved. My 4 dogs and my goose (who like little snacks of Mezotrace) have improved coats, energy and overall better health. Our 9-year old Mastiff who walked up the stairs slowly, started trotting up the stairs with no trouble.

I am so happy with the equine pellet formula, all three of my horses (4 dogs & goose) are eating it, and they have a shinier and healthier look. I personally believe Mezotrace is the best all natural mineral product available for myself, my horses and other pets.

Julie Strassman
Herlong, CA

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December 2003

I own a 2000 AQHA Gelding. He is normally 15.2 HH and weighs generally close to 1100 to 1200 lbs. In early spring he foundered and we had to take his weight down to nothing. I received a sample of Mezotrace Supplement and tried this on him. In three weeks time he had gained back 70% of body weight and has a glowing coat. I now have my whole boarding facility using this supplement and I hear nothing but good.

Thank you for such a good product.

Danielle Fisher
Salem, OR

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